How Long Does Shipping Take? 

We work as fast as humanly possible to get all orders out. Orders ship out in 1-2 Days, and can take 3-8 days for you to receive your order. If you have any concerns on where your order is, please first check your order using the tracking number that was provided to you.

Package Tracking

We are not responsible for tracking customers orders after they are shipped. If your package was shipped to the incorrect address or someone else signed for your package then you will need to file a claim with the USPS here: File A Claim. We will provide you the tracking information updates via email but it is your responsibility to track your package to ensure it is delivered to you. If you supplied the incorrect email address and didn't receive the updates it is not our fault. If we shipped it to the incorrect address that was provided to us by you we will not refund the order as it is not our fault for the mistake. We ship to the shipping address provided to us by you, the customer.

How Do I Change My Shipping Address?

Since orders are all processed and verified with your current shipping/billing address, if you need to change your shipping address after ordering you will be required to send in a supporting document to corroborate your new address. This is non-negotiable and your supporting document must state your name and new address on it. Documents such as ID’s, utility bills or other government documents are all examples of acceptable supporting documents.

I Received My Tracking Number But It's Not Updating?

This is just due to the USPS/UPS and their updated tracking system. Sometimes you may need to allow 48-72 hours for their system to update the order.